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Hawkwind :one of the U.K. longest surviving bands,Hawkwind date all the way back to the early part of 1969 when guitarist/vocalist Dave Brock and guitarist Mick Slattery joined up with saxaphonist/flutist Nik Turner.Together with bassist John Harrison,drummer Terry Ollis and electronic noise maker Dik Mik they formed group x and made their live debut in  London 1969 .By October the same year they changed the band's name to Hawkwind Zoo and signed a deal with liberty label.The first numerous line ups changed the band and made their debut    (now known as Hawkwind)  Hurry on sundown/Mirror of illusion single released in june 1970.Hawkwind played at underground festival gigs. One month later they released their debut album (self titled) produced by ex Pretty things Dick Taylor. The next period they performed at numerous festivals. For 25 years on hawkwind is still going strong But I think the best albums are :Hawkwind/doremi fasol latido/ space ritual/ in search of space/ hall of the mountain grill and warrior on the edge of time. Along the way they had three U.K. hits (the biggest was Silver machine which reached no.3 in July 1972. Hawkwind inspired a lot of bands in the stonerrock and hardrock scene. They were the first who combined heavy rock with psychedelica. space rock. Through the years they had several line up changes over 25 people including Ginger Baker and Lemmy (motorhead) had been members.